Listener Email: School police catch man, woman having gender on school property

Ms. Agnes Pravda and Mr. Benny Fitzleech, both employees of Sanctuary City ISD, were caught having gender in a supply closet during school hours.  Ms. Pravda, an English teacher, defended her actions, “There’s nothing wrong with two consenting adults having gender.”

Principal Joe Essex suspended both employees for two weeks.

“This is a bad example to show our students; they’ll be having gender with each other soon enough without our staff leading the way,” Principal Essex told KRED reporter Max Airhedd.

— jt

PS: I had a great English teacher – she taught me and my fellow skulls full of mush the difference between sex and gender.  Thank you Jimmy Peanut Carter’s Department of  Indoctrination.

Editor’s note: For the morons who are exercised about “fake news”, this piece is called satire.


  1. We seem to relish unbridled portrayals of real or simulated sexual intercourse on all manner of mainly visual media, but are too squeamish to call it what it is and substitute GENDER for a simple and formerly common 3-letter word…SEX!

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