Farewell Aljazeera America, and good riddance!

From Listener Club member Allen:

We should all pause and take a moment of silence for the demise of the Aljazeera America channel which will cease broadcasting April 12th.

About a millisecond should be long enough.

Once again this proves that when free market forces prevail, pure progressive globalist propaganda outlets like Aljazeera, Current and Air America are rapidly relegated to the dustbin of history. Advertisers ( particularly ones who make personal hygiene products like soap) quickly realize the target demographics of such outlets are largely ones who expect only free stuff from the government (and possibly in the case of Aljazeera realize jhihadis don’t make good repeat customers……..).

Not even the oil rich nation of Qatar who owns Aljazeera and bought it from Al Gore when his climate change propaganda outlet Current utterly failed is willing to continue to pump money into a black hole.

This however doesn’t keep other leftist and globalist propaganda outlets exempt from the free market like NPR, PBS and MSNBC from continuing to operate when funded both from the public coffers as well as sponsored by organizations with deep pockets and nothing to sell except an agenda like the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, one of many George Soros front foundations, National Science Foundation…….  wait…….. NSF? A government agency???

Yes indeed – Government agencies with nothing to sell but an agenda regularly sponsor networks like NPR and PBS. Yes, you, as a taxpayer are forced to fund these outlets whether you support them or not.

Wait! you say MSNBC too?  Yes….. The Labor Department paid about a half a million dollars of Taxpayer money to MSNBC to exclusively promote “Green Jobs” as a part of the stimulus money which didn’t actually create a single job.

Farewell Aljazeera and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You will not be missed.

As for the others…… there is always the off button on the TV and a probably a much more enlightening book waiting to be read.


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