Listener: The “Debate” Thursday – a review

Well… I broke down and watched the “debate” last night much like a crowd watches a house fire including the arsonists (moderators) skulking in the crowd admiring their handiwork.

As I expected it was a full tilt Trump baiting event and not willing to let foamy, booger and the log actually debate and defend themselves the moderators once again felt compelled to interject themselves into the debate with some carefully prepared slides for one candidate only with no source or attribution of the data. They got exactly the spectacle they were aiming for.

For those hand-wringing, bed wetters offended by the coarse and purile language and lack of civility I would refer them to the campaigns of the founding fathers who were prone to hyperbole, did not mince words, spoke their mind and did not bow to political correctness. Accusations of other candidates being bastards, half breeds, serial adulterers and other even more colorful claims were freely bandied back and forth directly, under pen names and using paid political operatives.

Many of these charges at the time could easily land one in a duel. Now that is something that I would like to see revived. If nothing else it would reveal who the “real” supporter of the Second Amendment was and more rapidly clear the field. Alternatively we could just give Trump a cane and Rubio some fire tongs and see how it comes out.

At least Megyn wasn’t tarted up like a New Orleans Madame as usual last night except for the eyelashes which apparently were so heavy her continual blinking was distracting. Maybe it is to keep her from appearing as the deer in the headlights she is other than her looks.

Instead I guess she decided to just channel Hillary with a pants suit.


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