TX19: Starr’s reaction to exposure as bad as what was exposed

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Robert Pratt

There is more to mention in the storm that has been unleashed in the TX19 Congressional race surrounding Michael Bob Starr. From my perspective Starr’s reaction to the disclosures about him the press has made are almost as bad as what was exposed to begin with.

Starr recently appeared at a major Faith & Family Forum at a Lubbock church where the issue of homosexuality was among the major topics covered. The issue was front and center and Starr presented himself as opposed to any encouragement of the homosexual lifestyle.

Now we’ve learn through photographic evidence that Starr didn’t just preside over homosexual “pride” events as an Air Force officer to ensure that personnel were not harassed or discriminated against, Starr actively participated in the events even donning the “pride” apparel. These “pride” events are pro-homosexuality events designed to promote the lifestyle.

Candidate Starr’s reaction to being exposed through solid journalism has been disappointing. First he attacked other candidates for “false and malicious attacks” which were not false and which the press reported. Then, he called a press conference in which he called people who criticize his active support of pro-homosexuality events at Dyess AFB “cowards” wrapping himself up in the flag as if he were defending his former Air Force charges.

The Sandstormscholar.com story reported: “Starr demanded his opponents not make Dyess Air Force Base part of their attack strategy. But wait, aren’t those military aircraft in the background of Michael Bob Starr’s commercials? … Doesn’t he use “U.S. Air Force” liberally in his material? If Michael Bob Starr can use his command of Dyess AFB as a qualification isn’t it fair for someone else to criticize his actions while serving as base commander?”

Yes, and it is fair to take notice of hypocrisy on this hugely important cultural issue.

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