Adams: “Drought Creeps Back” Not science, rather it is politics.

by James Adams, Esq.

The phenomenon of a drought was well established long ago to mean a prolonged dry period that deleteriously affects crops.

The High Plains is on the edge or outer edge of the Great Chihuahua Desert which works to the farmer’s advantage when growing cotton and maize. Rain at the end of the growing season is bad for those farmers. A dry spell at the end of the growing season is needed to stress the cotton to put on more bolls, avoid verticillium wilt, keep the grade of the cotton fiber up and to have good harvesting conditions on the ground. Dryness helps maize keep from having suckers that can interfere with the moisture content of harvested grain.

The climate prediction center is Obama’s and there is nothing that is not political about Alinskyite Obama. Alinsky said, “All of life is partisan”. Alinsky gave an shout-out of admiration to Lucifer in his book “Rules For Radicals”.

The phenomenon of drought must affect a growing season to be a drought. Two months’ time is not long enough to proclaim a drought if we are to honor the meaning of words. Granted there are other kinds of drought for example, a drought of political awareness, but I wonder: Has the grass grown over the graves of the drowning victims of the Wimberley floods yet?

Is 2015 not a flood year? Would someone like to explain the politics of drought to the families who lost members?

Those who rely on Obama’s climate prediction center were predicting as late as May of this year that the “scientific tea leaves” suggested a “wet rest of the year”. And Hegar’s office is claiming against all evidence that we are in a “once in a generation” drought.

Politics also enters under 31 Texas Administrative Code 357.32 to purport to allow an agency to proclaim for itself powers during “droughts of record”.

The California-educated Texas climatologist predicted drought for the Spring of 2014 and got it wrong. Same for Spring of 2015. Their prediction in May of 2015 for a “wet rest of the year” was wrong. And the IPCC’s prediction in 2005 of 50 million “climate refugees” by 2010 was wrong.

And what is at stake? Texas’ 1,500 year groundwater supply worth, at rock bottom valuation of $5,500 per acre foot, some $62 trillion. Taking $62 trillion worth of private property wealth out of Texas’ private economy via administrative state management is a very bad idea that does not come from our Judeo-Christian heritage honoring private property, the key to American exceptionalism.

Such bad ideas are seen in at least one paper by the Bush Center and are based on long-ago discredited Hegelian-based “tragedy of the commons” that treat private property as a “common resource”……….. the functional equivalent of a commune’s resources in a fascist communist setting.

Fascism is the denial of the rights of the individual guaranteed by the US Bill of Rights. Droughter’s denial of property rights is justified by claiming they are working on behalf of the greater common good a concept Ayn Rand warns results in subhuman misery and far worse.

In opposition, with the example of the fishes and loaves, Jesus taught the attitude of abundance, love and generosity even during times of true scarcity. Forced giving/taking of “common resources” based on the Hegelian attitude of scarcity, that we see in Marxist countries whose economics are based on scarcity management, smacks of Devilish necessity.

Americans should know better than to live that way.

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