Texas Democrat speaker lineup shows all | Biden’s goons attack whistle blowing Texas surgeon – Pratt on Texas 6/7/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Biden’s D.O.J. pulls another political persecution move and indicts the Texas surgeon who was the whistleblower on Texas Childrens’ Hospital continuing its child sex change work after telling the public it had stopped. The good doctor is right: “They wanted to intimidate me into silence using every technique the federal leviathan had at their disposal. But they failed,” Dr. Haim wrote Thursday on X. “The only way to lose is to submit to corruption. It’s time to fight back harder than ever!”

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Texas Democrats begin their convention in El Paso and their highlighted speakers list shows how far Left the party is in Texas: Killing babies, taking away gun rights and the ability to effectively defend yourself and your family, pro-cross dressing “drag queens,” and a sheriff who wrongly fired a deputy for attending a Trump rally in D.C.

Compare the Dem-agenda to the results of Texas Republicans’ convention and its list of legislative priorities released today.

Oil and gas rig count from Baker Hughes and reaction to the latest Biden move to kill off the oil and gas industry.

Much border and illegal immigration news including:

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