Legislature should make this abuse illegal | Texas Stock Exchange likely on the way | Abilene handouts – Pratt on Texas 6/5/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: There is a practice that is prevalent, especially in our Rio Grande River border counties, that needs to be made illegal by the Legislature. Why? Because it converts taxpayer dollars into campaign advertising for serving Texas politicians. I covered this in detail many years ago with an example in Alpine wherein public money was spent to advertise a Democrat state representative on a public edifice. Once again, Laredo and Webb County is using public money to aide state Senator Zaffarini. The story is here and note how many other public assets carry her name in Webb County.

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Texas launches a Top 10 Most Wanted Illegal Immigrant list.

If the SEC approves it, Dallas will be home to a new stock exchange: Texas Stock Exchange. It’s backed by big money.

Universal Studios theme park announced for Frisco, right off Dallas North Tollway.

I love the products of AbiMar Foods and go out of my way to buy them but why is Abilene’s economic development organization handing out taxpayer money for a successful company to upgrade software and renovate buildings? Just remember the “everybody does it” reasoning next time your child tries the line on you!

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