The real problem at TTU & the suspended prof | SCOTUS allows Texas border law to go into effect – Pratt on Texas 3/19/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: After extending the pause on Texas SB4 border enforcement bill yesterday, today the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the Texas arrest and prosecute for illegal entry law to take effect while the case makes its way through the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals!

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Texas’ Permanent School Fund pulls $8.5 billion from ESG advocating investment fund BlackRock.

Why would a Texas public secondary school have lessons on CRT-based political thought such as the having immigration law is oppressive? [more] They do and they have many other lessons on political rotgut that belongs, if anywhere, in voluntary higher education not compulsory public education. Where would secondary and elementary school teachers even get trained in this political-based curricula?

That is the real story that matters that others have missed in the story of the Texas Tech professor suspended over his pro-Hamas, anti-Israel statements. The real story is that TTU, and other public, colleges of education have profs teaching “decolonial studies,” “ethnography,” and studies on teachers “teach about activist and student movements.”

The problem is not that Tech has an Israel hating professor, it’s that it has such programs, not over in the political science department, but in the college which exists to train primary and secondary teachers. This is a window into how extremely political, and Leftist/Marxist, the teacher training programs in the state colleges have become.

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