Texas Dem: Hispanic Trump backers like Jews for Hitler | More regulation won’t stop wildfire – Pratt on Texas 3/15/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: If you are Hispanic, or any other so-called “minority,” and do not follow your Democrat Party “masters” orders to vote as they instruct, you are akin to a “Jew for Hitler” in NAZI Germany! That is the opinion of a Democrat Texas Congressman and it’s an example of the racism and bigotry that underpins much political action from the Left in the United States.

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Wildfires lead to the predictable: Calls for more government regulation for utilities; the cost of which get passed on to you and the benefits of which are generally non-existent. Even worse, the contents of the story do not even support the contention that more regulation would help.

Positive oil and gas rig count news.

Frisco ISD officials alleged to have kept politicking with public resources even after a restraining order was placed by a judge.

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