SpaceX Starship test huge success, Bob Zimmerman talks | “Judge shopping” rule is gift to Left – Pratt on Texas 3/14/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Beware misleading national news service headlines: SpaceX’s test of Super Heavy and Starship from Texas this morning was a huge success as well as a big step forward.

Starship Test 3 launch over Texas. Courtesy SpaceX

Space historian Robert Zimmerman of joins us to discuss the big test. See: SpaceX’s Superheavy/Starship successfully launches. “The flight achieved almost all of its test goals, and far exceeded what was accomplished on the previous test launch in November.”

Here is an example of misleading and negative headlines:

  • AP: Third Test Flight of SpaceX’s Mega Rocket Ends With Loss of Spacecraft
  • Reuters: SpaceX Confirms Loss of Starship at End of Third Test Flight

More local media got it right:

  • KVEO: “Furthest and fastest”: SpaceX successfully launches third Starship
  • Austin Statesman: SpaceX’s Starship successfully enters space in third test flight

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Texas’ fastest-growing counties in 2023, according to Census Bureau estimates.

Bush appointees and others on the U.S. Judicial Conference sellout federalism and conservative states by adopting a rule on “judge shopping” that does nothing but assist Leftists. Justice Ho is right, “Judges are supposed to follow the laws enacted by Congress, not bend the rules in response to political pressure.” Even the turtle, McConnell gets how bad this is.

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