Election integrity a victim to Phelan’s deal with Dems? | Abbott in UK | Cruz well sums up Bidenomics – Pratt on Texas 3/13/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: A reminder from The Daily Caller that when Texas legislative leadership, as has that of the Texas House, confuses working with Democrats with empowering Democrats, terrible things happen to important bills.  Story: Even In Border State, Republicans Fail To Protect Elections From Illegal Immigrants | The Daily Caller.

Given how most all important election integrity items were mucked up in the House, is this entire area, election integrity, one that Speaker Phelan implicitly agreed to give Dems power to kill in order to have their votes for Speaker of the House?

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Senator Ted Cruz

A pithy line from Senator Ted Cruz demonstrates the folly of the Biden White House and its lapdogs in the media: “Maybe it’s because they’ve been to a grocery store in the last three years.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton proposes new rule enhancing District Attorney reporting requirements to promote accountability and Rule of Law.

The UK signs biggest U.S. state-level trade pact yet with Texas. Governor Abbott in the UK on trade promotion trip.

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