Gruesome: Aborted babies hauled to Amarillo as “waste” | House leadership’s bank stock connection – Pratt on Texas 3/12/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Abortion clinic “waste” hauled into Amarillo for disposal from many places outside of Texas. Texas’ anti-abortion laws do not address the disposal of the remains of an unborn child killed by an elective abortion outside the State of Texas at a waste management facility inside the State of Texas. Mark Lee Dickson joins us to discuss this gruesome story.

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image: Burrows

Rep. Dustin Burrows

Bank stock and bank jobs give a glimpse into the Texas House leadership circle. It all hints at why local voters matter less and less, over time, to some state reps as they are busy enriching themselves through their Austin political connections.

SpaceX: Third Starship to launch as early as next Thursday in South Texas.

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