Lawmakers too myopic, stupid to hold office | Migrants voting? | Lubbock’s political pot pusher – Pratt on Texas 2/8/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Many in the wave of migrants crashing our border believe they can vote, and will vote for Biden. What if local jurisdictions let them?

A very good interview with U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Exclusive Photos: Migrants Slowly Return to Eagle Pass, Avoid Texas-Seized Park.

Our Lone Star story of the day is sponsored by Allied Compliance Services providing the best service in DOT, business and personal drug and alcohol testing since 1995.

Lawmakers too stupid to hold office because they can’t see around the corner. Story I use to make the point: Loneliness Declared a Public Health Emergency in San Mateo County.

Texas State Board of Education creates a rubrics for school instructional material and review of such that are praiseworthy.

Political pot pusher in Lubbock hints at what I’ve told you is behind the pro-marijuana ordinances. These community organizers are using the issue to build a voter base to turnout for all Leftist politics. “One would hope they see voters showing up by the tens of thousands, and know that’s not a small thing.”

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