HD2 race a warning for primary candidates | Texas officials need to be truthful, accurate on border – Pratt on Texas 1/31/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: It weakens our arguments on the border crisis when our Texas officials, and others, spin, mislead, overstate, or just get fact wrong on the border issue. From the beginning Governor Abbott, for example, has made it appear to millions, in television interviews, that Operation Lone Star, costing Texas taxpayers billions, was deterring illegal boarder crossing and much more. In reality the problem has grown worse during all of that spending with zero effective deterrence. We are beginning to make headway with the American people in the national political battle over the border crisis and it is time all speak plainly and truthfully about what is happening. Otherwise we hand our opponents easy ammunition to attack our credibility. Here is a perfect example: Randy Clark: ‘Texas Border Showdown’ Wrought with Political Spin and Misinformation.

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HD2 special election last night was a straight up proxy fight for the coming GOP primary. The Speaker and his TLR bankroll won, barely, but it shows that in this low voter turnout primary (no real top of ballot races to pull in voters) that conservative challengers will lose many contests if they do not fully focus on authentic get out THEIR vote – and to do so you first must identify YOUR vote.

Yesterday the Texas Supreme Court heard argument over the Texas bill banning child sex modification.

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