Texas’ own Soros? | Big court win on ballot language | Border standoff, one real another false – Pratt on Texas 1/26/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Conservative activist groups get a big win at the Texas Seventh Court of Appeals for voters over a misleading Texas Constitutional Amendment item passed by voters in 2021. Legislators, smarting from a defeat on the same issue ten years earlier, pulled a fast one on voters and need to be slapped for it. Background: Grassroots Challenge ‘Misleading’ Ballot Language for Proposed Constitutional Amendment. More.

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Much for the Texas vs. Biden Administration border standoff. Just remember this: It’s a real standoff on the legal issue of a state repelling an invasion but all the rest is just the same old expensive but non-effective border security theater.

Meet the Texas billionaire becoming the new soft on crime George Soros with what is fundamentally a “Progressive Era” solution that doesn’t work just like all the other leave-it-to-science ideas.

An example of what I have told audiences for many years but is still mostly not believed – listen to hear it.

Baker-Hughes rig count falls, again.

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