You can now be elected to county appraisal board | Castro wants Texas National Guard federalized – Pratt on Texas 1/24/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Want to sit on your county appraisal district board without being beholden to the local government tax takers? Thanks to a new law 50 Texas counties will now elect 3 citizens appraisal board members each. Deadline to file to run is fast approaching.

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Senator John Cornyn endorses Donald Trump for president. Trump is the first candidate in almost 50 years to win both Iowa and New Hampshire. Data reveals large percentage of NH Republicans won’t vote for him in ’24. The worry with open primaries continues to fester: Nikki Haley Campaign Memo Sparks Discussion of Closing Texas GOP Primary | 2024 Elections. We need a closed GOP primary in Texas but that’s a fight it will be hard to find a way to win.

San Antonio U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro is so intent on having no border security, he calls on Biden to federalize Texas National Guard to stop it from working to stop illegal border crossing. That fairly well sums up on the position of most Democrat politicians these days.

Liberal Democrat Colin Allred launches first TV ads in bid to take on Ted Cruz. He like so many other black Democrats are among the nastiest cold blooded hypocrites on the planet. They claim to be about helping blacks but then advocate for abortion on demand which is proven to effect black lives more than any others.

Texas Attorney General Says School Marshals Can Open Carry Handguns on Campuses

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