Baffling Dem strategy to hold US Senate involves Texas | Paxton works to unseat “Drunk Dade” – Pratt on Texas 1/16/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: National Democrats say they’ll focus on two states in order to try and pick up a U.S. Senate seat: Florida and Texas! What is truly going on in Democrat polling to lead the DSCC to rely on winning a seat by beating Rick Scott in Florida or Ted Cruz in Texas? Both states have grown even stronger conservative since the 2018 race and Texas Dems have no excite the dope-smoking-skateboarding-punk-rocker-youth candidate in their stable.

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Speaker Dade Phelan

Paxton rallies voters in Drinker of the House Dade Phelan’s district to vote to oust “Drunk Dade” and elect Covey to the House.

Lieutenant Governor Patrick gets involved in a Texas House race and joins Governor Abbott in endorsing Helen Kerwin to defeat state Rep. DeWayne Burns in HD58.

Lawyer/lobbyists ask the Texas Medical Board to issue guidance to doctors, some of whom seem unable to understand clear language of Texas law, on when they can kill a baby (a.k.a abortion) in treating the mother (or, as the Leftist press now calls it: a pregnant person or, pregnant patient.)

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