Why wind/solar cost more in practice | The ignored MLK, Jr. | Border: Texas didn’t do it! – Pratt on Texas 1/15/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Most of the media goes with a third hand politician for a source instead of actually getting the story, as in reporting what actually happened on the border this weekend. No, Texas did not stop the Border Patrol from preventing the drowning of illegal border crossers near Eagle Pass. Here is what actually happened that no other outlet I have seen reported, kudos to Breitbart once again: Mexican Family Drowns Trying to Cross Rio Grande to Texas-Seized Border Park.

Update: Biden Admin, Dems Push False Narrative of Illegal Immigrant Deaths at Texas Border, Blame Gov. Abbott

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It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. day in these United States. What is the most defining part of King’s life, that informed his actions, and yet is the most ignored part of memorializing King by the Leftist media and culture? Author Mike Duran tells you and he did it 14 years ago in this excellent piece.

If wind and solar electric generation is much cheaper, as is claimed, than natural gas and other sources, why do base rates for generation of power keep going up as more wind and solar come on the various electric grids? The answer is actually simple and Kevin Killough gets it right in this story.

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