Texas Supreme Court dumps ballot access problems back on legislators | Leftist abuse of power – Pratt on Texas 1/12/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Our new world from the decidedly Leftist Democratic Party: Openly and brazenly use government agents to frighten, intimidate, and punish citizens who disagree with the Left and especially those who take action against Leftist deceit: Feds Target DFW Doc Who Blew Whistle on Secret Trans Program. This is but one of many higher profile examples of Democrat Leftists abusing political power beyond what previous generations would have thought possible to get away with.

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More border crisis news including the Leftists going nuts over Abbott’s “we can’t shoot ’em” comment. Also: Feds say Texas is blocking Border Patrol from a section of the border, ask U.S. Supreme Court to intervene.

Texas Supreme Court sealKey language in Texas Supreme Court ruling on ballot access is sign the court is dumping the entire issue back upon legislators. Also: Texas Supreme Court Rejects Effort to Remove Justice Devine from Ballot. Key wording caught by The Texan’s Matt Stringer:

“The order might suggest how the court will handle future ballot challenges, with the justices writing, “Ballot access ensures that the people decide who their leaders will be, and thus it ‘lies at the very heart of a constitutional republic.’” The court further wrote that unless the election code provides a penalty resulting in ballot removal, it will “apply a presumption against removing parties from the ballot.”

How Democrats are still in the game of making your money worth less by creating inflation.

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