TEA data: Big failure of Texas public schools | Another round of Dem/Leftist border lies & hyperbole – Pratt on Texas 12/19/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: More lies, half-truths, and repetitious hyperbole from the Left (Dems and the Texas press) over Abbott’s signing of SB3 and SB4.

The Current Revolt does a good job demonstrating the hot air of the Dems over SB4 – they said the same things in 2017 about the ban on sanctuary cities in Texas.

Hearst outright lies in this this headline: “Gov. Abbott signs border law that empowers Texas to begin deportations.” There is no mechanism for affecting deportations in the bill; all it allows is for the state to turn them over to the Feds and then it’s up to the Feds who are not subject to the authority of Texas court orders under SB4.

Here’s an example of the outrageous hyperbole: Texas rep accuses Gov. Abbott of wanting to ‘kill’ migrants coming across border.

The examples are numerous and of course, the ACLU and other Leftist front groups are suing to stop the law. But, this is exactly what we planned for because we need to get the issue before the Supreme Court again so that we can try to overturn the overly broad Arizona decision related to similar.

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Despite massive funding and lowering of standards, Texas public schools are failing over half of the student populationTexas Education Agency Releases ‘Disappointing’ Performance Results.

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