Why are Democrats not banned at Rice Univ? The Left’s purge of dissent almost universal – Pratt on Texas 11/29/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: By Rice University reasoning, if you can call its small-mindedness such, the Democratic Party and all Democrat messaging should be banned from its campus in Houston. I’ll explain.

And on the similar subject of “hate speech” and Marxist-style revision of History, hate speech commissions and the like are anathema to freedom of conscience, political freedom, and of course to the concept of free political speech. Hate speech is most often defined as something with which the decider disagrees whether hateful of not. The only answer to speech we do not like, including vile and hateful speech, is the unencumbered right to engage in more speech – unlimited speech.

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Governor Abbott makes first endorsement against incumbent Republican state rep: Endorses Hillary Hickland against Rep. Hugh Shine in HD55.

Senator Paul Bettencourt named “2023 Legislator of the Year” at ALEC’s National Policy Summit.

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