Gov. Abbott jets to Israel as “priority” of school choice dies in House | Texas economy slowing – Pratt on Texas 11/2/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Governor Abbott jets off to Israel just as school choice, his top priority, effectively dies in the Texas House. Is Abbott ALL about headlines and TV appearances, even to the exclusion of achieving policy victories? Some times it is very hard to tell even when trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

See: The Broken Deal on School Choice and the 23 Republican House members who broke faith with Greg Abbott and the Texas GOP. The right question is asked: What is Governor Abbott going to do about it?

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Sen. Brian Birdwell weakens a major border protection bill which will require reconciliation with the House. One wonders what has pulled Birdwell more and more to the RINO camp over time.

Trends prove right: Texas sales tax collections in October do not increase over the previous year for the first time in 31 months.

Comptroller adds more to list of companies that boycott energy companies. Read more here.

Harris County [Democrat] judge sides with Ken Paxton’s prosecutors over pay dispute.  From the story:

“In 2018, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals struck down the prosecutors’ pay schedule and told the trial court judge to “issue a new order for payment of fees” consistent with a state statute governing compensation for court-appointed attorneys. Wice and Schaffer have argued that statute is unconstitutional as it applies to them.”

“Meanwhile, Collin County appears no more inclined to authorize the payment, even after Beall’s order Tuesday. “Good luck with that,” Collin County Judge Chris Hill tweeted Tuesday evening.”

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