Darby’s twaddle on school choice | Texas has best business climate | Realtors lose big in court – Pratt on Texas 11/1/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: San Angelo’s state Rep. Drew Darby says Texans already have “school choice.” But like a Soviet propagandist, he doesn’t tell the full story. Saying Texans have school choice is like saying you have the choice to buy any new vehicle you want but, you also have to keep paying for, for life by the way, the vehicle you don’t want and don’t use that is provided you by the state.

Darby also said: “I find objectionable taking public dollars out of public schools and supporting private or parochial schools that don’t have the same accountabilities, don’t have the same testing, don’t have the same transparency, and quite frankly don’t have open enrollment policies.”

This goes the fundamental miss most have on school choice – it’s about replacing political power school performance accountability, in which you get whatever accountability those with the most political connections and power want, to consumer power – letting each family determine school accountability with our actions in an open marketplace – as we do for groceries, restaurants, doctors, and everything else.

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Wade Cowan

Maligned Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton continues endorsing candidates for Texas House including Wade Cowan for Lubbock-based HD83 over incumbent Dustin Burrows.

More proof Governor Abbott is wasting huge taxpayer funds with well meaning but ineffective border initiatives: Concertina Wire Fails to Hold Migrants Back in Texas Border Town. From the story:

“The migrant groups crossing near the Eagle Pass area on Tuesday needed little help getting through the concertina wire despite the issuance of the restraining order preventing the Border Patrol from manipulating the wire to intervene in the crossings. The state authorities posted at the scene of Tuesday’s crossing offered no resistance to the group as they moved through the wire.”

Texas Senate votes to add $1,540,000,000 to state border wall program.

Texas named “Top Business Climate In America” by Site Selection magazine.

Home sellers win $1.8 billion after jury finds Realtor, brokerage conspiracy.

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