Texas’ school choice plan is so narrow as to be insignificant so why the wailing from the school lobby? – Pratt on Texas 10/19/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day:  Texas’ school choice plan is being called “racist” by Democrats; “too broad” by newspaper editors, as well as a host of other ridiculous things that are demonstrably false. The real question is: Why are Leftist front groups and the government school lobby so afraid that parents will pull their children out of public schools if given a choice? Is not that a tacit admission that something is deeply wrong in the current system these folks are fighting so hard to preserve?

And, even though school finance is not on the special session call, Democrats have introduced a whole new school finance scheme. Do you honestly believe that if we funded public education to their standard of “fully funded,” that next year and the next these same people would agree that schools are fully funded? Heck no, they’ll make the claim of financial penury forever because they are paying off a political constituency with your money and that never ends.

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Chicago delegation comes to Texas and begs El Paso and others to curtail sending illegals to their great “sanctuary city.”

Homeland Security puts immigration official who worked for Palestinian Liberation Organization (the PLO!) on leave. Why was this person ever allowed to work for, of all things, Homeland Security!?

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