Rep. Lambert opposes transparency & choice in public education | Phelan’s Leftwing House parliamentarian – Pratt on Texas 10/16/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Is a Texas House parliamentarian part of a “secret” fix by anti-conservative agenda House speakers to hamper conservative legislation? It sure looks that way but, much worse is the financial conflict of interest that appears to surround Speaker Phelan’s parliamentarian, Hugh Brady, who was an Obama White House lawyer.

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While the NAACP of Texas and other Leftist Democrat Party front groups call school choice for minority children “racist,” others are standing for the truth and calling such pronouncements “vile.”

Abilene’s Rep. Stan Lambert (HD 71) wants no choice for parents and students in education AND wants to keep school performance ratings from the eyes of those locked-in parents.

HD 71’s Stan “for-the-Lobby” Lambert

“Rep. Stan Lambert, R-Abilene, supports many of Abbott’s priorities, but he said school choice proposals aren’t good for the families in his district. … Lambert, the state representative from Abilene, said he appreciates the governor’s interest in education, though he recommends the state invest more money in public education, more meaningful assessments of students and pausing the release of A-F scores, a system used to rank school districts.” – Austin American-Statesman report.

A good write-up on Proposition 7 from the Dallas Morning News: Proposition 7 would create taxpayer-funded loan program for fossil fuel power plants. What is left out of most reporting is that Republicans, yes Republicans, in Texas are responsible in-part for this because they jumped on the wind and solar bandwagon allowing such non-dispatchable power generation to make up too large of a percentage of ERCOT generation grid resources. A policy change is needed which greatly limits wind and solar on the grid as a part of the proven supply of power.

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