Podcast Extra: Author Matthew Day talks history of oil business in West Texas

Author and local historian Matthew Day joined me for a Pratt on Texas Podcast Extra focusing on the mid-20th Century oil business around the Lubbock area.

Matthew Day podcasts: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/officialmatthewmdaybookspodcast

Links to books featured on this Pratt on Texas Podcast Extra (truncated titles listed):

Other books not featured in this interview:

Unknown Quantity https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096CNPFMR  (the story of Abilene oilman Vincent Perini, Jr., and how his interest in uranium mining in the 1950s helped move the nuclear industry from a single-use industry (weapons of war) to a broadbased industry that includes microwave ovens and X-ray machines)

The following venues do carry or have carried one or more of the 25 books at any point since the summer of 2022 (links to museum included, websites include contact info–call ahead to see if they have any of the books in stock):


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