Senate gets work done, House nothing | San Antonio lands big employer | State sponsored bigotry persists – Pratt on Texas 10/13/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick crows loudly that the Senate has handled almost all of the Special Session call agenda in the first week – and rightly points out that the House has done nothing.

Lot’s of the Senate crowing is over passing a so-called school choice bill that effectively would apply to only about one-percent of Texas public school children!

Governor Abbott is saying the school choice bill must apply to all Texas school children and that he will only put teacher pay on the call if the House passes the school choice bill. Will Abbott go along with the ruse that a bill that only works for one-percent, or heck even twenty-percent, of Texas school children is actually school choice?

If it stays as is, with the funding that has been passed in the Regular Session, of courses the House can pass a bill but it won’t be an effective, authentic school choice bill. Government schools need to earn their way in society as does every other sector.

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House Speaker Dade Phelan Bans Lawmaker From Asking Question.

Judge rules Galveston County violated Voting Rights Act in redistricting – more perpetuation of a soft bigotry that certain minorities are not able to play in the same sandbox as everyone else! The very idea that a black community cannot be adequately represented by a non-black person is little different than a Democrat-KKK argument that whites cannot be represented well by a black person – a pernicious way of thinking.

Oil and gas drilling rig count rises.

San Antonio lands another big manufacturing plant: JBC of Great Britain. 1,500 jobs expected over next few years. Meanwhile, “Texas employers are cutting over 1,400 jobs, with the ax falling heavily in D-FW.”

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