“Resign!,” Lt. Gov. Patrick tells House Speaker Phelan | Special session began today on school choice – Pratt on Texas 10/9/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: The 3rd called special session of the 88th Texas Legislature began today with school choice being the biggest item on the call from Governor Abbott. Today, Senator Creighton released SB2 which will give a clue as to how the Senate will try to gain (buy?) the votes of those opposed to school choice. Essentially it is a another huge money handout to traditional, socialist-model, government school districts.

Many of the pro-socialist model, anti-school choice people claim the state only spends about $6100 per student, the basic allotment, and that claim is often echoed in the press. It is a lie. Texas spends over $12,000 per student and over $15,000 per student if facility costs are included.

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Speaker Dade Phelan

In another vile and bizarre move by Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, aided by Leftwing press, people across the state are being linked to Nazi’s, Hitler, and the Hamas attack on Israel because an objectionable person was seen going into and coming out of a Texas business. It is so bad that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick called this morning for Speaker Phelan to resign.

image: Paxton

A.G. Ken Paxton

After the House Managers doxxed him last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he is filing criminal complaints against them for violating state law.




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