Biden Admin does 180 on border wall, “Too Freaking Late” | Anti-Jewish queer group at Rice U. – Pratt on Texas 10/5/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: “Too Freaking Late!” Mayorkas finally admits “acute and immediate need” to build more border wall in Texas. That was the best headline today on the big news of the Biden Administration admitting that physical barriers are needed. Much on that subject as well as the political success that is coming from busing the caught-and-released migrants to the big “sanctuary” cities. Not only is Denver reeling but the Chicago and New York City mayors are planning border related trips.

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Comptroller Hegar issues  Texas revenue estimate update.

Rice University queers go fully anti-Jew to appease Arab and Palestinian queers. In typical Leftist double-speak, the Rice homosexual group says it is now excluding people to be inclusive!

A news organization that normally carries the narrative that there are no inappropriate books or lessons in public schools, and that all of us are just crazy knuckle-draggers and “book banners” who point out such, writes a hard hitting story on an inappropriate bit of content in Houston ISD. Why the change in narrative? Because the bigger enemy is Miles and the state takeover of the failed, Leftist district.

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