How Paxton’s ordeal fits in the national conservative struggle | TEA to soften truth of school grades – Pratt on Texas 9/12/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: How does the Paxton impeachment link to the national battle in which we find ourselves?

How is it that supposedly super-conservatives who worked for Paxton find immediately, even before hearing someone’s story or seeing any evidence, that it is preposterous, or “crazy,” that U.S. Department of Justice or FBI personnel might engage in wrong behavior?

The entire nation has seen DOJ and FBI misconduct of the deepest and worst manner and at the highest level for years now but, these folks’ biggest objections to Paxton’s policy decision with the Nate Paul complaint is to call it crazy to even look at – so crazy that it makes it magically illegal.

Why is it a problem for them? Because, if you listen, you’ll understand that this is the world in which these people live and earn a living from. That’s why Paul Gottfried’s column today at American Greatness so well sets a background narrative for the entire Paxton impeachment: The Empire Strikes Back: Conservative establishmentarians are becoming bolder about showing their revulsion for the populist Right.

Also, I’ve included just one, of many, examples of testimony from the “legendary” former Texas Ranger Dave Maxwell, former Director of Law Enforcement Operations at the Attorney General’s office, to give you a more accurate idea of what the accusers sound like than you get from most press reports.

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Texas Education Agency to delay making public school A to F grades public because it looks too bad for the schools – gotta work with the insiders to keep just how bad it is for students, parents, and taxpayers bottled up.

Trial Begins Over Texas Voter Laws That Sparked 38-Day Walkout by Democrats in 2021. – Why weren’t they impeached? They broke the law outright but were rewarded with key leadership spots by Speaker Phelan!

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