FAA vs SpaceX StarShip with Zimmerman | No direct evidence yet of law breaking in impeachment trial – Pratt on Texas 9/11/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day:  More from the impeachment imbroglio in Austin. The legendary former Texas Ranger Dave Maxwell, former Director of Law Enforcement Operations at the Attorney General’s office, was a complete dud. Maxwell makes the arrogant young lawyers look humble in his attitude and demonstrated the worst in law enforcement by prejudging most everything to do with the case before having any evidence to reach even a reasonable level of competence. In many ways Maxwell’s testimony was self-contradicting and he also engaged in repeated defamation of Mr. Nate Paul from the beginning – without evidence. In many other matters of fact versus hearsay Maxwell’s testimony was a disaster as it continued.

The most damning of all of Maxwell’s, and attorney Ryan Vassar’s,, testimony (Thursday and Friday) is that they actually provide no evidence that A.G. Paxton broke any law or committed any terrible infraction other than disagreeing with them – Vassar and Maxwell.

So far this has been the case with all witnesses: Paxton broke the law because he held attitudes and took actions with which the witnesses disagreed. No direct evidence, or in my opinion even suggestive evidence, has been directly testified to in the first week of the impeachment trial.

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 Courtesy SpaceX

Bob Zimmerman: Good news? FAA issues own report on April Starship/Superheavy launch. Zimmerman tells us of the FAA’s newest action to slow private sector space, specifically Space X and political opponent Elon Musk, in its efforts to get Starship working at Starbase at Boca Chica, Texas in Cameron County.

The right way to respect lessons learned(?) from 9/11/2001: Secure the Border.

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