Impeachment’s #1 witness a disaster for House impeachers | Lubbock sheriff’s spending spat – Pratt on Texas 9/6/2023

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Our Lone Star story of the day:  The impeachment imbroglio of Ken Paxton continued with a House Persecutor lawyer questioning their “key witness,” former First Assistant Attorney General Jeff Mateer. Not only did the testimony never come close to establishing that Mr. Mateer had any specific knowledge or evidence of Paxton breaking the law, his testimony gave tremendous credence to the spoiled staffers environment in which the appointees actually think they are above the one who appointed them – in this case the elected Attorney General.

image: Paxton

Texas A.G. Ken Paxton

In cross-examination, the entire narrative of the House impeachers fell apart and showed precisely, under oath this time, exactly what I had explained three years ago happened. These arrogant folks went to the FBI to try and destroy Paxton without bothering to ask even the most basic questions about what it was that had “alarmed” them. Now, with egg on the face, it is fully admitted that they were simply ignorant of the work that was being done, not for Nate Paul, but for the Travis County D.A.’s office.

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Comment on Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe’s budget tiff with the commissioners court.

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  1. You bunch of lying,corrupt Texas House.You simply did this to Paxton because he called Dade out on being intoxicated on live tv speaking.Dade should be the one up here on trial.And any Bush that has their hand in this.It’s kinda funny you guys follow them like a puppet like the left does O.Get out Rino’s before we vote you ALL out.Leave Paxton alone we voted for him

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