Texas Senate supports using unlawfully obtained evidence; more impeachment show trial absurdity – Pratt on Texas 9/5/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day:  A full review of the motions, votes, and opening statements from the Paxton impeachment debacle which began in our Texas Senate today. There were many terrible votes in the early motions by senators showing only six to eight have much respect for the Rule of Law and constitutional protections. Among the worst votes was 22 to 8 voting against the motion to exclude unlawfully obtained “evidence.” Even Lubbock’s Senator Charles Perry voted “Nay” on such – it’s beyond shocking.

I must say I was near tears in Buzbee’s opening because of how personal to me it was. As one of the few long timers who has followed each and every element of the attacks on Paxton over many years, but almost never reads a press account that less than ignorant on what has happened, I was shocked to hear Buzbee echo the things I have said many times about these issues and often in similar language. He even started with the victory of Dan Branch just as I have explained for all of this time! I have felt quite alone in my overall knowledge of these issues making Buzbee’s comments was a type of confirmation of my decade of commentary on the Paxton issue as a whole.

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Disturbing economic trends from the Dallas Fed report: Manufacturing continues to decline and retail sales remain in the dumps. While the “service sector” keeps growing, it will eventually follow manufacturing.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar Announces State Revenue for Fiscal 2023, August State Sales Tax Collections. Note that those increase are only about the same as inflation meaning a possible end to net growth.

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  1. Hello Robert, excellent show tonight and thank your womderful
    Señora Pratt for her attention to detail on the “LawLESS” showtrial impeachment of our multi-term, dually elected Texas Attorney General Paxton.
    These impeachment proceedings
    Are doing the same thing statewide, that the Trump
    Impeachments and Idictments have been doing…. They are pulling the mask off of the REPUBICS (as Mark Levin denotes them) that are not really “conservatives” or “republicans”. Its a den of stupid, political snakes, who don’t realize that the precedent they are setting is going to come back and haunt them but also their comstiuents they “claim” to represent!

    Keep up the good work and hope you had a good break from the broadcast. The Pratt-erverse missed you guys. God bless you & Señora Pratt. ✝️

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