Anti-Wimp: Firearm used to stop alleged burglar; sheriff praises armed assistance

The Fayette County, Texas, sheriff’s office reported that its dispatch center received a call about a person trespassing on private property. The caller advised that the subject had been looking around a vehicle belonging to the property owner before going inside a building on the property and coming back out.

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Sheriff Korenek reported that a resident with a firearm confronted the subject and ordered him onto the ground at gun point, detaining him.

When Deputy Sheriff Chase Ceder arrived and attempted to secure the subject in handcuffs, the man began resisting and a struggle ensued. Deputy Ceder was assisted in the struggle by two other residents and with their assistance, as well as the arrival of another police officer, the subject was restrained and taken into custody as he continued to resist.

Brian Schmitt, age 47 of Fayetteville, was arrested for the offenses of Burglary of a Building and Resisting Arrest and was transported to the Dan R. Beck Justice Center.

The sheriff’s office made a statement commending the citizens involved for their quick thinking, willingness to act, and assistance of Deputy Ceder. “It is truly a pleasure to work in an area where we can count on the ongoing support of the community to stand behind us and, in cases like this, even physically aid us when necessary,” the statement read.

All the better for Fayette County; all the better for Texas!



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