Texas taxpayers abused by local governments from broke to woke | Anti-Wimp | Election law ruling – Pratt on Texas 8/16/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: The foul stench of local government rises even higher during tax rate and budget setting.

Taxpayers are being abused in so many ways from wasteful spending to promotion of Leftist “woke” ideologies to the easy incompetence that comes when one is spending other people’s money as opposed to one’s own. Here’s just a sampling from today’s press review:

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Anti-Wimp update: They hit owner on head, he & employee shot & killed 2 of them.

Democrat district court judge rules against key Texas election law (SB 1750) and state immediately appeals to Supreme Court. The judge said the implementation of the law could cause harm to Harris County’s elections office. What!? The rather recently created office has had one director after another vacate the position due to incompetently run elections. That’s sort of the point of passing SB 1750.

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