Pornographers sue Texas | Media ignores mass death from illegal immigration | TEXIT case dismissed – Pratt on Texas 8/14/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Pornographers (Houston Chronicle calls them “adult entertainment” advocates) sue Texas to fight against HB 1181 which requires age verification to enter the online pornography websites. Additionally, in an absurd assertion, the pornographers claim that pornography is not addictive and want the provisions of the bill that require a warning of such to be ruled unconstitutional. I guess we know where the plaintiffs in this case stand: They appear to want children and youth to have access to their pornography. Could that be because they know it is addictive and getting them early is better for business? That was the claim against the cigarette makers.

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Child dies on an illegal alien voluntary transport bus provided by Texas, State Senator Roland Gutierrez again shows his mental deficiency: “This child died because in all likelihood they were on a bus that they could not get out of.” Really? Getting off a bus (she did get off when EMS were called) stops progression of disease? Gutierrez is a joke. And while national media makes much of this sad story it ignores that the Biden Admin. pays to bus and fly thousands per month in the exact same process. Worse the media ignores:

As reported by Breitbart Texas, 125 migrants perished attempting to cross the U.S. southwest border in July. The total number of deceased migrants recorded by the Border Patrol since October is nearing 500, according to the source. The Border Patrol recorded 31 migrant deaths during the month of July in the Del Rio Sector.

Rep. Matt Schaefer not running for House reelection in Tyler; Price-held seat in Amarillo likely to have a wide field of candidates, and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to endorse against statehouse opponents of school choice.

Lawsuit against Rep. Jeff Leach by Texas Nationalist Movement and group member Morgan McComb dismissed. The filing of the case is one of the reasons I have little respect for this TEXIT movement by TNM and why I keep my distance. Gosh, this case shows them as bad as the worst D.C. Democrat on political liberty and free speech.

Lubbock County courthouse

Lubbock County commissioners need to learn that people don’t need more government per capita but less through economies of scale. County spending has skyrocketed for years so if the D.A.’s office needs more money: First, make sure it is being effectively run before handing it more money (I’ve been told by judges and attorneys it is very poorly managed by the incumbent D.A.) and second, take money that has put into growing the county government beyond basic functions and move it to the D.A. Start looking in the ballooning sheriff’s office. And the last thing Lubbock County needs is a big new Medical Examiner office and staff. Lubbock has proven up until this moment that it cannot effectively and efficiently run such an office so get out of it and pay for services elsewhere.

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