Vile rhetoric of Democrats about border overshadows all | Abilene, Taylor Co. sued by homosexual group – Pratt on Texas 8/3/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: When it comes to the border and illegal immigration, Leftists including many officeholders, decry the “rhetoric” of Governor Abbott and the rest of the country claiming such leads to violence. However, it takes only one quick look to see who are the “godless” proponents of chaos and who use rhetoric in the most base, nasty ways.

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Abilene homosexual advocacy group among several suing Texas and other local governments including City of Abilene and Taylor County. They don’t like a new law that stops sexually lewd performances in front of children.

Local governments in Texas have shown they cannot stop spending beyond the means of their local economies. To fix this, the Legislature should act – a list of suggestions.

Moses Rose’s Hideout bar owner agrees to sell, resolving Alamo eminent domain case and paving way for new Alamo museum.

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