Story on A&M & a prof’s comments on Dan Patrick is much ado about nothing | Rolling back special rules for homosexuals – Pratt on Texas 7/25/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: A very long, about seven page, story is out from the Texas Tribune which has been republished by many press outlets in Texas with a headline that hints at big scandal: Texas A&M put professor on leave for allegedly criticizing Dan Patrick. The problem? There is no big scandal and the only folks who did anything questionable, according to the evidence supplied, are Texas A&M bureaucrats and leaders nervous over budgets and legislation. Reading the giant story, it’s as if this part never existed: “Ultimately Texas A&M allowed Alonzo to keep her job after an internal investigation could not confirm any wrongdoing.”  So for all the writing about freedom of speech, do those who had a problem with her speech not have that same freedom? The same folk who think “investigation” was unwarranted and “chilling” are the same types of people who support investigations of conservative speech on campus often.

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New annual registration fee for electric vehicles (EVs) in Texas goes into place on 1 September. $200 per year on top of existing fees to make up for not contributing to the state highway fund by not buying gasoline.

Rep. Ronny Jackson Calls Paxton Impeachment a ‘Witch Hunt.’

Southlake Carroll ISD votes to remove extra protections against bullying homosexual students and adds bathroom-use restriction to actual sex. Whatever happened to “just treat us the same as everyone?” When we do that we get screams of horror because these groups crave attention and special status.

And, other news of Texas.

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