Gun bills, opposition to E-Verify use, and more from Austin | Texas A.G. attacks hidden hotel fees – Pratt on Texas 5/17/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Much from the legislature including gun bills, SB728 and HB2837; a vote for more state parks; stopping cities from acting as states within a state; E-Verify opposition shows many legislators are not as concerned with the border as they claim; protecting Texas children from on-line pornography, and; more.

Halls of the Texas Capitol

Some bills got a vote, and some even passed, in the House before that body bothered with far more important legislation: Bill puts big costs on jewelers, allows warrant-less searches; Pet boarding safety bill awaits Texas governor’s signature; Bill to protect against hairstyle discrimination sent to Texas governor, and there are more while election integrity bills and a host of other important items languish – even tax relief!

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Go get ’em Attorney General Paxton! Paxton cracks down on hotel chains that engage in the now common practice of misleading consumers with one rate but then tack on B.S. fees such as “resort” or “amenity” fees. Marriott is settling with Texas to fix the misleading nature of this (they should drop the horrible fees) but Hyatt and others are not. Hyatt is now being sued.

24 governors to send help to Texas on the border but don’t get too excited because we went through this before and help dried up when it was clear Texas was not actually using the help to stop illegal crossings of the border. And doing just what our own Texas troops did with its early deployment of razor wire, a Biden-deployed soldier opened a Texas built gate and let illegal crossers through.

And, other news of Texas.

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