Time for liberals to explain themselves on guns, crime | Rep. Slaton resigns from Texas House – Pratt on Texas 5/8/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: It is time the credentialed, smarter than the rest of us, liberals explain one off their shibboleths: How does it work? How does the existence or availability of a firearm turn a non-murderer into a murderer? How does a specific style of weapon (that works just like others such as an AR-15 style rifle) magically influence a human being to commit murder? I’d really like to have this explained given that mostly it’s the only answer liberal offer up to murder and mass murder: That it is because (the causal agent) a certain type of gun is available.

Clearly an SUV can kill just as many people as happened in Brownsville Sunday as can a rifle in Allen so why is Range Rover not blamed for those deaths in the Valley while a gun is blamed, more than the murderer it seems, in Allen?

And why are liberals, and the Godless, sin-celebrating, and nihilistic society they have championed never, never at fault for anything? Clearly they despise discussion of God, His law, and His mercy. The anti-gun crowd can’t even allow for a church prayer vigil to take place without an attack.

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Rep. Bryan Slaton resigns before the Texas House votes on expelling him.

Voters in San Antonio and El Paso reject far-Leftwing city charter propositions.

Abbott ups border presence with another claim intercept, repel and turn back migrants.” Fine but so far that has not happened despite previous claims.

And, other news of Texas.

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