Will ACU correct its arrogant sin supporting student leaders? | An exoneration in Midland coming – Pratt on Texas 11/2/2022

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Will Abilene Christian University correct students siding with sin, as we are commanded to do, or will leaders cave just a little more to those turning their backs to God’s Word? What is the point of having religious affiliated schools if not to inculcate the religion’s values and teachings in students? And what amazing arrogance these students exhibit in their constant challenge of Biblical authority – why do they attend a “Christian” school if they will not submit to Christian doctrine? ACU continues to be a battleground to see whether institutions that claim to be Christian will actually side with God’s Word or the secularists. Frankly, many of these advocates of sin need to be expelled if they will not repent or should, at minimum, be on some form of probation. This isn’t about free speech, they are free to say and believe whatever they want but somewhere else. When they choose to affiliate with a church school they have an obligation to respect its canon of doctrine.

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Illegal border crossing continues to get worse by big numbers and, as you’d expect, the ACLU is opposed to Border Patrol protecting themselves and the country with even non-lethal force.

Much in the campaign stack.

An innocent man, convicted of killing his wife and children, on the path to having the injustice overturned by exoneration in Midland.

And, other news of Texas.

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