Did Abbott et al. force Texas to abide by all Biden executive orders? | Much campaign news – Pratt on Texas 12/8/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Did Texas officials, Governor Abbott included, bind much of the state to following Biden “executive orders” in taking WuFlu ARPA funds? Confusion abounds but it looks fairly clear in the federal terms and conditions and almost 70 municipalities have turned the funds down because they can read – maybe better than can legislators and governors? Read more here.

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December local sales tax number report.

It’s Official: Every Single One of Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandates Have Been Blocked Nationwide.

Public radio reporter Joy Diaz running for Democrat nomination for Texas governor. Says she was motivated because she and her young son got COVID. That’s a reason to run for governor?! Why didn’t influenza motivate her given that it kills far more school aged children than COVID?

Retired ICE Special Agent Victor Avila running in Republican Primary for Texas Land Commissioner.

Don Huffines

Huffines rightly hits Abbott over not protecting our state guard troops from federal vaccine mandate.

Comments by Lubbock council members Joy and Christian show authoritarian leftist inclinations and arrogance. Both criticize voters for voting in their own interests and accuse them of “territorialism or tribalism” all because they voted down a bond package. The comments, and situation that created such, are an example of how far local civic service has devolved over the past couple of decades.

Tennessee’s governor sending more guard troops to the Texas border with Mexico in Q1 of next year.

And, other news of Texas.

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  1. William W Arey says

    Robert looking for discussion on Humphrey for governor?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      I assume you mean Ed Humphrey running for Idaho governor? From what I know I like him and understand why the lt. gov. would run against the governor.

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