Win a 7-book set of Wilder Good books signed by the author S.J. Dahlstrom

Enter below to win a full, author signed, set of the Wilder Good book series from our friend Nathan Dahlstrom.

Learn more about the adventures of Wilder Good here.

You may enter as many times as you wish. Entry period closes at 11pm on Saturday, 18 December 2021. We will mail, or deliver, the books to the winner in the week of December 20th.

Entry period closed at 11pm CST on Wednesday, 28 December 2022.



  1. Andrew Gallant says

    Love your show Robert! Keep up the great work!

  2. Good Morning Robert-
    I hope you & yours have a Wonderful Christmas season & New Year!

  3. Fred C Jones says

    Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year, Robert!

  4. I am glad you are still in the game. We need your voice. Thanks for all that you do for Texas.

    Love it!
    Happy Holidays

  6. Danny Hughes says

    Merry Christmas Robert. Keep up the good work. I’ll

  7. Do you think our governor will have the testicles to stand up the Presidential overreach or will he continue to kowtow to the Chambers of Commerce that really run this state?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      To the extent it is politically advantageous he will. Beyond that, doubtful. So, it’s up to us to make doing so politically advantageous and not doing so politically dangerous.

  8. Merry Christmas Robert to you and yours!!


    I’m remembering Pearl Harbor and all our brave men and women who died that horrific day! In hindsight the facts prove it could have been prevented, at the least prepared…like 9-11 and more recently the school murders of innocent teenagers. There has to be a system where all information is gathered from every source and combined for a more accurate account of what’s going on.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      That is the very mission of our intelligence agencies but, they are run by people who make mistakes and worse have personal or political agendas.

  10. Gary Bloys says

    This morning I spoke with ten high school students about why today should be important to remember. Only one really knew and two guessed after a couple of hints, the other seven had no idea. The current state of classroom teaching is disgusting, no history, no economics, and poor science. We really have to pay attention and watch the school board elections so we can get folks that want to educate kids and not powder puff education then spend taxpayer money so they can feel good about themselves.
    Remember Pearl Harbor and all those in the greatest generation that stopped fascism while saving the world!
    Thanks for all you do Robert. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours.

  11. Pratt for Prez!!!

  12. Mustangs, Longnecks , and Pratt on The Radio — No Place but Texas!
    Mega Dittos, and Merry Christmas, Robert and Co. !!

  13. Merry Christmas Robert and family, thank you for charging forward with the torch!

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