Podcast Extra: Roy Maynard on Classical Education Changed My Life—and Formed My Children

I hope you enjoy this two-part long form interview I conducted with Roy Maynard who currently is the Editor of The Cannon Online at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. In the interview I called it “self-indulgent” on my part mainly because I, like Roy, am fascinated and motivated by the subject.

Roy’s piece, Classical Education Changed My Life—and Formed My Children, begins with this:

““Trainwreck” isn’t a bad description of my academic career. Bored, more interested in reading real books than textbooks, not caring about the things I was expected to in junior high and high school—athletics and social status—I ignored assignments, skipped classes and eventually dropped out. I got nothing from Mesquite High School, and to be fair, MHS got even less from me.”

Roy Maynard

Despite being a high school dropout, Roy was in the news industry for more than 30 years. Most recently he was Senior Editor of the Tyler Morning Telegraph. Prior to that, he was Senior Writer and Special Issues Editor for World magazine, a conservative news weekly. He has also written for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Houston Chronicle and many other publications. He is also an author.

Roy and his wife Sara coached the debate program at Good Shepherd School in Tyler. The program sent debaters to Nationals in 18 of its 20 seasons.

Enjoy the interview in two parts.

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