Interview: How much of your money are Texas school districts hoarding? James Quintero of TPPF

James Quintero

James Quintero of the Texas Public Policy Foundation joins Pratt on Texas for an interview about the  frequent abuse of Texas school districts banking far more money than is needed and, at the same time, raising taxes on property owners.

The case of Dripping Springs ISD demonstrates how egregious the problem is and it simply adds to an earlier set of alarm bells from the regular legislative session about Texas school districts sitting on a huge amount of taxpayer money.

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  1. J.O. Dawdy says

    I’ve long thought this is a huge problem with many and maybe most taxing entities. There should be a legal limit imposed on how much so called reserve funds can be held by taxing authorities in order to force tax payer funding accountability. Anything over 50% of annual operating budgets invites abuse of accountability to tax payers in my opinion.

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