Big Freeze: Jason Isaac on FERC’s “green energy whitewash” of Texas electric grid issues

Hon. Jason Isaac

The Wall Street Journal editorial board called the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) report on ERCOT and the Texas Big Freeze a “green energy Texas whitewash.” They are correct and former state Representative Jason Isaac, now at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, was pointing out the problems long before the February 2021 Big Freeze.

About the recently released FERC report the Wall Street Journal referenced, TPPF stated:

“Even if FERC’s recommendations were adopted, Texas would have still had over 24 hours of blackouts and been over 10 GW short at the height of the storm. The Texas Public Utility Commission and numerous market participants have recognized that the failure of the Texas market to manage the variability of wind and solar resources contributed significantly to the problems in February. FERC is accurate in its assessment of the weather and gas supply problems, but it is purposefully ignoring the problem of wind and solar variability in order to justify its political agenda to drive more wind and solar onto the grid at any cost.”

I discuss the issues of reliable and affordable Texas electricity with Jason Isaac, director of Life:Powered at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.


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