Why Dems must stop election integrity bills | Legislators standing strong so far on protecting children – Pratt on Texas for 4/19/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Some corporations are doing the bidding of the radical Left to promote sex changes for children and youth. So far, most Texas legislators are standing firm on what is right. They need your thanks as much as those companies need to hear your disapproval.

Constitutional Carry, or permit-free carry, of handguns passed the House but it is in trouble in the Senate. If you want it to pass your senators need to hear from you now.

Democrats and their front groups are decrying election integrity moves loudly and there is a reason expressed very well by Daniel McCarthy in a piece titled The strange death of the Democrats. His point, backed up with argument, is that Democrats now know “they can no longer win by the old agreed-upon rules, constitutional or otherwise.”

Other news from the legislature and more news of Texas.

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