Methodist minister knows cancel culture all too well; it’s not new. Part 1

This compelling two-part interview is a must listen for all, especially church goers who do not fully understand how longstanding and pervasive is the perversion of our churches to serve the Left.

The Reverend Wes Brown was driven from United Methodist ministry for standing for God’s Word in scripture on the issue of homosexuality. This happened to him, and others I have met, in the 1990’s – not just in the last few years. So-called “cancel culture,” or blacklisting as it has traditionally been known has been around for a very long time.

Part one is below, part two is here.


  1. charles Mcdill says

    Instead of calling it cancel culture, call it block free speech and differn’t opinions.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      I like Zimmerman’s calling it “blacklisting” which it really is. The cancel part is appropriate however because it is manifesting by simply canceling the jobs, platforms, circumstances and opportunities of speakers with whom the tyrannical zealots disapprove.

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