Could immigration emotionalism flatten the Biden and Democrat wave?

An editorial in The Spectator read: “But the difficult truth is that no act of God created the disaster at the border. It is a wholly human mess, created by America’s leadership class. Migrants have discovered that if they arrive at the border and say the right words about violence in their perpetually violent home countries, they will be freely admitted without fear of deportation. Once inside the country, they can benefit from a glacial asylum-review process, and even if their petition is rejected, they had little to fear from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”

While Joe Biden has been given the traditional honeymoon, and then some, of a new president by the press, the editorial argues that “the border crisis could define Biden’s presidency,” reminding that no honeymoon lasts forever.

While no traditional presidential honeymoon, or anything related to such was ever given Donald Trump, at least he moved to action despite dishonest opposition and press hyperbole that often topped his own.

“Despite several blunders and his excessive emphasis on that signature wall, President Trump had by 2020 stabilized the situation with his ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. Without the promise of easy entry to America, new arrivals at the border dried up,” The Spectator editorial pointed out.

The challenge of controlling immigration into the United States has become one, sadly like so many others, about which rationalism, deterministic thinking, and sober assessment is not allowed. It has become an issue almost exclusively emotional for the most vocal advocates on all sides.

“Nowhere is sentimentalism more rampant than in immigration policy. Even before Donald Trump ran for president, among progressives a growing moral consensus held that borders were at best inefficient and at worst, gravely immoral. How is it fair that some people may live in rich, safe nations, while others are trapped in poor, dangerous ones simply by accident of birth? Modern progressivism lacks the intellectual scaffolding to even answer that question. Four years of a Trump presidency hardened the new consensus into dogma. Bill Clinton may have bragged about curbing illegal immigration and Barack Obama may have voted to build a border fence. But in 2021, the de facto Democratic position is that America’s borders are an abomination,” the editors opined.

Could the new waves of immigrants pressing, and freely passing through, our border with Mexico be the counter wave of recent Democrat power gains?

The Spectator argues that “…Biden will have to find the courage to resist his own party’s new ideology, or the border crisis of his first months could turn into the defining problem of his entire presidency.”

Joe Biden will do what ol’ Uncle Joe has always done: He will rhetorically attempt to split the baby on the issue to make people think he is both reining in the worst of the problem while keeping enough the false compassion in place to please all but the most radical Leftists who increasingly dominate his political party. And because we have little honest national media, unless the waves become so grotesque as to make non-coverage impossible for all but CNN, many voters will think ol’ Uncle Joe got enough of the job done – such is the power of misleading propaganda.

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