Texas primaries delayed into summer 2022? DC Dems trying to force easy-to-cheat elections on Texas – Pratt on Texas for 3/4/2021

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Will the Feds take over Texas elections to make cheating easy? The U.S. House just passed an H.R. to do just that. But, Republicans in the Texas Legislature are fighting back with House Elections Committee Chairman Briscoe Cain planning an agenda of bills to tighten up election integrity.

2022 primary elections delayed from March to July? Biden admin. is holding back census redistricting data until September of this year!

Biden border policy a disaster in Texas that will get much worse.

An “I told you so” noticed by a listener on what the Left has ready for us because we allowed the lawless lockdowns.

Didn’t get to the story on the Alamo project moving forward with the Cenotaph staying where it is, will try to cover tomorrow.

Much other news of Texas.


  1. Don Jones says

    Hey Robert , I a glad i found you again..I live out in North Carolina .. former Austin . been listening to you several years.. Thank you for your service to Texas and this conservative former Texan..

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